Logiblocs e Building Block System Smart Circuits over 10 fun Projects and Applications


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Over 10 projects and application ideas

rain detector, banana beeper, chocolate guard, bank beeper and more

Logiblocs is the electronic discovery system that helps you understand the world of technology that we live in.

Inside each Logibloc is a printed circuit board and every block is colour-coded to describe its function. By plugging together Logiblocs in different combinations you can create circuits and virtually write your own simple program to build your own new inventions.

Logiblocs have been called “the cyber blocks of the future” - fascinating electronic building blocks that help you understand the world of IT in a fun and enjoyable way.

All Logiblocs work with each other so with a few Extrablocs you can build on to your inventions to make them even more powerful using your Logimagination.